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Skink – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
ISBN 1-882770-24-2; External links. Scincidae at The Reptile Database; Skink Gallery and Information; Skinks of Australia,; Skink Family … Read Article

Corn Snake – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus guttatus), or red rat snake, is a North American species of rat snake that subdues its small prey by constriction. The name "corn snake" is a holdover from the days when southern farmers stored harvested ears of corn in a wood frame or log building called a … Read Article

Reptile – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Reptiles (Reptilia) are members of a group of air-breathing, ectothermic (cold-blooded) vertebrates which are characterized by laying shelled eggs (except for some vipers and constrictor snakes that give live birth), and having skin covered in scales and/or scutes. They are tetrapods, either … Read Article

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