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Wikipedia Pythonidae – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The Pythonidae, commonly known simply as pythons, from the Greek word python (πυθων), are a family of non venomous snakes found in Africa, Asia and Australia. … Read Article

Wikipedia Boa Manditra – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
And is found mainly in the eastern half of the range, while the other is yellow, orange and brown and occurs in some parts of the Bibron, 1844), this resulted in homonymy. To fix this nomenclatural problem, he proposed the specific name manditra as a replacement for S … Read Article

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Apogee reptarium, poor climbers, reptariums: you should see various parts do this at different times. You don t say how long you have had your dragons, but if you had them since they were babies, Reptiles: bearded dragon, bearded dragon care, 30 gallon tank … Read Article

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