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3 legs, bearded dragon, laid back: Hello Lora, It is not recommended to ever house 2 males together. Where I live in NY there are viable colonies of Italian wall lizard that got here from a shipment tetracycline 250mg, reptarium, hind end: Frogs are not my area of expertise BUT I don t believe that … Read Article

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Wall, 1921: 1: 0: viperine sea snake: Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, South Chinese Sea northeast to coastal region of Fujian and Strait of Taiwan In the meantime, Elaps was renamed Homoroselaps and moved back to the Elapidae. … Read Article

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The reptarium folds up so all you need is a duffel for his stuff. bearded dragons, bearded dragon, beardie: Sorry to have gotten back so late to you Nicky, I do is well maintained you dont need extra u.v. supplementation,as you know crested geckos are a wall … Read Article

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Is there a place that you can make him a nest of sorts in a protected spot outdoors using rocks of a wall, and leaves, etc, or even a hole he can They become very active running back & forth what seems like constantly. … Read Article

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Behind the Great Wall That separates us all When there is reason Tonight I'm Awake 10:57 Watch Later Error Dream Theater – Bridges in the sky – lyrics by reptarium 17,198 views … View Video

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