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Yellow-bellied Slider – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The release of non-native red-eared sliders into local environments caused the state of Florida to ban the sale of red-eared sliders so as to Commercially processed animal-based reptile food may be given too, but any leftovers should be immediately removed to prevent fouling the water. … Read Article

Rat Snake – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Rat snakes are commonly kept as pets by reptile enthusiasts. The corn snake is one of the most popular pet reptiles, and belongs to the rat snake family. … Read Article

Choosing An Exotic Pet – Care Of Exotic Pets
A site for anyone interested in exotic pets. Pet exotic cats are beautiful to look at but are they the right pet for you? … Read Article

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The share sale will bring the family holding to 30 percent from 55 percent and will be the first time the Pininfarinas have ceded majority In ''The Lizard King,'' his book about the wild world of reptile-dealing chicanery, Bryan Christy describes a smuggling incident at Miami … Access This Document

Green Anoles As Pets – Care Sheet – Choosing An Exotic Pet …
Suggested Reading. Reptile Heating and Lighting; Reptiles and Salmonella; Crickets as Food Molting Hermit Crabs – Isolation Tanks for Molting Hermit Crabs; Tanks for Salamanders and Newts – Temperature, Light and Cleaning … Read Article

Giant Leopard Gecko. – YouTube
Giant leopard gecko. got him from a girl off craigslist. he is originally from ron tremper one of the the pioneers of geckos. : ) he get sto meet  all my geckos have water in there tanks 24/7 along with calcium. also they get fed mealwroms and superworms dusted every other day to every 3 … View Video

Illegal Sale Of Turtle Hatchlings In The US
The sale or distribution of turtles with a carapace length of less than 4 inches has been banned in the US since 1975 (Title 21 CFR 1240.62). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the ban prevents 100,000 cases of reptile-associated Salmonella a year. … Read Article

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