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He was meant to be food for our snake (we did buy him from a reptile store breed for food, not a pet store) as the snake refuses to eat dead ones. … View Video

Green Anoles As Pets – Care Sheet – Choosing An Exotic Pet …
Suggested Reading. Reptile Heating and Lighting; Reptiles and Salmonella; Crickets as Food Molting Hermit Crabs – Isolation Tanks for Molting Hermit Crabs; Tanks for Salamanders and Newts – Temperature, Light and Cleaning … Read Article

Choosing An Exotic Pet – Care Of Exotic Pets
A site for anyone interested in exotic pets. Pet exotic cats are beautiful to look at but are they the right pet for you? … Read Article

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Retail Store Only – You Can Order tanks, Stands And Canopies …
All tanks, stands and wood canopies listed here must be picked up at our Lancaster, Pa Retail Store. Item # Reptile Habitats Retail Loyalty 253637 Half Moon Stand – 20 Gal. … Content Retrieval

Sales Of Turtle Hatchlings Under 4 Inches In The US
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the ban prevents 100,000 cases of reptile-associated Salmonella a year. Statistics on prevention are difficult to confirm, but I am sure that the ban has prevented some cases of Salmonella as well as preventing the impulse purchase of turtle … Read Article

Yellow-bellied Slider – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Commercially processed animal-based reptile food may be given too, but any leftovers should be immediately removed to prevent fouling the water. … Read Article

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In ''The Lizard King,'' his book about the wild world of reptile-dealing chicanery, Bryan Christy describes a smuggling incident at Miami International Airport. … Retrieve Here

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Make a faux rock wall with Styrofoam and cement so your reptile does not come in contact with any wood and is sealed off from the @13reptileman id say 13reptileman paid too much. tanks that size go on craigslist all day for 500 … View Video

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@wilerman thats why you need to look at pet stores, craigslist, kiljiji and such other places. vary by wattage, me telling you the watts i use means nothing. I use many heaters for my tanks. Most were released as pets are are damaging the native reptile and amphibian populations. … View Video

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