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Advertising — Aquarium — Business — Calendar — Circus — Clothing — Crime — Culture — Day — Education — Emotion — Festival — Health — Hobby — Family — House — Humour For scouting awards see "Awards and decorations" section above. Mass media . Mass media — BBC … Read Article

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Your 1.5 gallon tank is technically over stocked. The way aquariums are stocked is based on fish size. As fish get larger, they require Also for us to be able to see them. For decorations, live or silk aquarium plants work the best as far as plants go. Plastic ones sometimes get caught … Read Article

YouTube HOW TO: Build A Glass Aquarium – YouTube
Http:// A quick video on how to build a glass aquarium for only a few dollars. ADDITIIONAL TAGS … View Video

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Freshwater Aquarium: fresh water aquariums, gallon water heater, gravel vacuum: take all of the decorations out and clean the gravel like crazy. Something in your tank is rotting and he probably has a lowered immune system due to nitrate poisoning. Do a … Read Article

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Fresh water aquarium, building aquariums, aquarium building: Dear Gorden, Thank you for your question, Ich is a parasite that lives under decorations, in plants, and under gravel and they come up to bite the fish at night. … Read Article

YouTube Making A Tropical Vivarium From A Wood Cabinet Part 2 – YouTube
30 gal long aquarium –$60 Pet store Reinforcement wood –$3 Lowes Decorations: ($120 total) Decorative live plants (pet safe) –$25 Lowes Fake plant vine –$10 pet store Frog moss –$4 pet store (2) cork ledges –$20 The Bean Farm (reptile expo) … View Video

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