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Wikipedia Boa Constrictor – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The Boa constrictor is a large, heavy-bodied species of snake. It is a member of the family Boidae found in North, Central, and South America, as well as some islands in the Caribbean. A staple of private collections and public displays, its color pattern is highly variable yet distinctive. Ten … Read Article

Wikipedia Aniliidae – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Found in the tropics of northern South America from southern and eastern Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana south through the Amazon Basin of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. … Read Article

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YouTube Dream Theater – Bridges In The Sky – LIVE At The Nokia …
I've gotten quite a few comments on how good the audio quality is and I shot it with my Canon Powershot. You can buy one from Amazon (a newer 10:57 Watch Later Error Dream Theater – Bridges in the sky – lyrics by reptarium 17,587 views … View Video

Wikipedia Morelia Viridis – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Morelia viridis, the green tree python, is a species of python found in New Guinea, islands in Indonesia, and Cape York Peninsula in Australia. Adults average 120–200 cm (3.9–6.6 ft) in length, with a maximum length (although rare) of about 7 feet. The supralabial scales have thermoreceptive … Read Article

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